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ARTBURO Personalization & HERMÈS & Claude Monet special for Karoline Starostik. Where Art and Fashion Collide. Exceptional Piece.

  • artburo
  • 8th February 2018

Ms. Karoline Starostik has an MS in Foreign Trade, she was a former executive for her family’s multi-national company. She was a part of a charity group called “Santos Anjos” (Holy Angels) that focused on children helping less fortunate children. Ms. Starostik established the WSF foundation in honor of her late father, William and carries on his passion for helping those who are less fortunate.

Ms. Starostik co-owns a music production company in Los Angeles; she’s sharp, often times contributing to the creative process of music and new artist development. Future endeavors include double Law Degree program from Columbia and Université de Paris.

Ms. Starostik currently resides in Beverly Hills, CA

Hermes Birkin 25cm Togo PHW personalized special for Ms. Karoline Starostik. Artwork- Claude Monet, Water Lilies Toledo (1914-1917).