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  • artburo
  • Friday September 18th, 2015

Here is news that’s sure to bring a gleam of real anticipation to every fashionista’s eyes.

ARTBURO, the world’s leading custom luxury company, is offering on auction no less than six breathtaking custom Hermes Birkin Bags with hand-painted reproductions of some of the world’s most famous artists’ canvases.

As every chic diva will testify, getting even a plain vanilla Birkin for yourself is no mean task what with all those waitlisted hopefuls ready to lap up the iconic and pedigreed bag even if comes to them one to two years down the line. Add to it the allure of an ARTBURO custom Birkin hand painted with art that ranks amongst the world’s finest ever, and the tempting charm and the magnetic pull of this auction offer becomes absolutely irresistible.  

Read on to know more about how you can get one of these prized masterpieces with dual pedigree of being an authentic Hermes Birkin and an ARTBURO custom piece for yourself.

How the auction takes place and how you bid for it

ARTBURO is auctioning these bags through a private online auction that will run for two weeks (link :---------). There are six lots (i.e. six bags) on the auction block. While every lot comes with its own starting price there is no reserve price per se that needs to be surpassed for your bid to be counted. If your privacy matters, rest assured. The bidders’ real identities will be hidden and only their registered names will be displayed.  As there is no third-party or intermediary involved, the buyer will not be required to pay any commissions, otherwise known as the buyer’s premium.

To become eligible for bidding for one or more of these lovely bags, you first have to register yourself at the ARTBURO auction webpage. Then you need to be a little patient while the auctioneer approves your bidding candidature. Once you receive their nod of approval, well, all you have to do is to make your bids and stay on your toes that no other bidder else tops your bid with a bigger amount. Well, the last point might be a bit difficult as there are too many ladies of good taste vying for one of these beauties to add to their wardrobes.

The bidding will remain open for two weeks. The highest bidder for each lot the end of the auction period will win the bag in question.

If you come up as one of the six lucky ones to win a bag at the end of the auction, the next step would be to make the payment. A little more wait (2-4 weeks) and your bag, packed in exclusive ARTBURO signature packaging, will arrive at your doorstep through a special courier.

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What’s up for the ARTBURO Auction

Six bags, all Hermes Birkins – 35 cm/ togo leather/ golden hardware – are being placed under the auctioneer’s hammer. The distinguishing feature here is the art that makes every single bag a true connoisseur’s delight.

 The art details on each bag are as follows:

  • Birkin with a reproduction of French impressionist maestro Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s  celebratory painting Le Dejeuner des Canotiers or the Luncheon of the Boating Party (1881)
  • Birkin with a reproduction of French impressionist master artist Claude Monet’s thematic painting The Grainstack at Sunset (1891)
  • Birkin with a reproduction of Spanish surrealist supremo Salvador  Dali’s symbolism-rich painting titled Metamorphose de Narcisse or the Metamorphosis of Narcissus
  • Birkin with a reproduction of Spanish Modernist master Pablo Picasso’s erotic-symbolic painting titled Nude, Green Leaves and Bust 
  • Birkin with a reproduction of Belgian Surrealist master artist Rene Magritte’s enigmatic - allegorical painting titled Specchio Falso or The False Mirror
  • Birkin with a reproduction of Russian-French maestro Marc Chagall’s rustic - metaphorical masterpiece ‘I and the Village’

Each and every painting reproduced here is an acclaimed masterpiece with landmark significance in the world art lore. More importantly, each one is an outstanding copy of the original art.

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What are the advantages for the bidder

Too many, actually. Let us elaborate a few.

  • First of all, there is the joy of ownership. I mean, a plain Hermes Birkin is enough to draw eyes to your holding hands. An ARTBURO custom Hermes Birkin, will draw not just coveting eyes but envious sighs and wows as well.
  • A custom ARTBURO Hermes Birkin is a true objet d’art. Like every high-end objet d’art, it is not just a thing of incomparable beauty; it is also a solid investment as the only direction its value will go up with time is northward.  
  • A custom ARTBURO Hermes Birkin is a rarest of rare possession. First of all, there never was another like it nor will there ever be. ARTBURO never repeats its designs. What you get is a bag that’s unique, and the one of its kind. Someday the bag in your ownership will become a true heirloom passing on to future generations.
  • ARTBURO bags are hand-painted by exceptionally skilled artists using the best-in-class Italian paints. Then there is the secret ARTBURO sealing treatment that ensures that the colors never fade or chip or crack at all, not even if you happen to get caught in a shower without an umbrella. Your bag will stay good as new for a long time to come. 
  • A custom ARTBURO Hermes Birkin is a statement piece. A Birkin says you have arrived. A custom Birkin makes everyone stand up and take notice. An ARTBURO custom Birkin says you are a lady of substance and strength, and of exceptional taste. Then there is also the individual significance of each painting depicted on each bag that you can correlate with your personality:
    • Renoir’s Luncheon of the Boating party says that you love company, conversation and good times.
    • Monet’s The Grainstack whispers that you love both simplicity and abundance.
    • Dali’s Metamorphosis of Narcissus avers that you can look beyond the trappings to peer into the soul within.
    • Picasso’s Nude, Green Leaves and The Bust signifies that you are supremely confident in your own skin.
    • Magritte’s The False Mirror announces that you have the wisdom to see the bigger picture.
    • Chagall’s I & My Village says however farther and higher you may reach in life; a part of you is always nourishing your roots.

Auctions like these come rarely. Now is the time for the aficionados and the connoisseurs to stand up and be counted. Come on and register to get a chance to own a unique and timeless piece of wearable art that will forever remain in vogue.