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ARTBURO: First person to customizing the Hermès Birkin bag: Jane Birkin!

  • artburo
  • 27th January 2014

Jane Birkin 
It's somewhat ironic that the first person to deface the Hermès Birkin bag was the very woman that it was created in honour of. Birkin has carried the bag since its creation, but has almost always 'customised' it with protest stickers, beads and other trinkets so that it "doesn't look like a bloody Birkin bag!", sheepish about the fact that she has a "snobbish bag" named after her.

ARTBURO | Jane Birkin custom Hermès Bag

She's currently on her fifth; the first four were auctioned off for charity. On a Japanese TV programme in 2008, Birkin stamped repeatedly on a tan-coloured Birkin, saying it made it look 'unique' instead of boring and clean.

ARTBURO | Jane Birkin custom Hermès Bag