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Have luxury your own way!

  • artburo
  • Tuesday February 16th, 2016

Don’t you want to have your own style luxury accessories?

Luxury has become more like a personal experience. Personal shopping and personalization of luxury products have become so popular. The main reason is that consumers do not want to have the same thing at the same time with the others.

Now people want something unique and individual.

Here comes the personalization services of the luxury brands, customizating your products and engraving your initials is really cool.

What differentiates the regular bags from the personalized ones is that they are being unique, very personal and possibly no other one has the same.

It’s really a great way to add some individuality to your accessories.

LV has a service called Mon Monogramoffering you to engrave your initials on the bag of your choice, it is also possible to choose the colours for the inside lining, stripe patterns and colours.So you can customize your LV bag ending up with many possible combinations.

Thanks to Burberry Bespoke now you can customize your Burberrytrench coat with a more functional and detailed way of personalisation.

Having a design house, Goyard has a similar customization service as well. 

Artburo perpetuates the tradition of personalization according to the highest standards: all monograms are hand-painted with exclusive paints made with strictly natural pigments, thus allowing for versatility and elegance. Thanks to a large choice of designs and fonts coming in a wide range of shades, each customer can make their Artburo unique and express their individuality.

Karoline Starostik has been seen with her Hermes Birkin "Claude Monet", Kim KardashianIrina ShaykRita OraLady GagaGigi Hadid, russian pop singer Kristina OrbakaiteStella AminovaNadine ObolentsevaAnastasia Fuks are also among the fans of Artburo Personalization.

Longchamp is also letting you to create your own custom bag; next to initials engraving you are able to choose the size of handles, colour of the bag, stripes and metallic accessories. 

Prada Customize offers you to add personal lettering to your bags and configure your own shoes and sunglasses.

You can find the similar services to make your accessories personalized in Coach and Gucci too.  

And now many more brands such as Bottega Veneta are giving you the same chance as well...

I guess you are wondering how much time it takes. It depends on the brand and the product that for how long you have to wait for your product to get customized. It may be done quickly while you are waiting in the store but most of the time it lasts for more than a month. But I think it worth it!

Personalising luxury accessories is not a new thing but it is getting more and more popular, among the celebrities as well!

Sandra Bullock has been seen with her LV luggage on which her baby boy’s initials stamped, Mischa BartonSienna MillerJessica BielEmma RobertsLilly Allen are also among the fans of Mon Monogram.

Renée Zellweger and Kate Winslet have personalized their Prada Messenger style bags with their own initials.Nita Ambani has been seen with her personalized Goyard tote. And the list goes on…

It is clear that one size fits nobody. People are getting more and more tired of having the same thing being made for the masses.

 But thanks to these customization services fewer bags will ever be alike!