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Pack a punch with your arm candy like Irina Shayk

  • artburo
  • Monday June 1st, 2015

Cannes Film Festival is in full swing, with new celebrities arriving by the day and Irina Shayk is the latest in the A-list line-up.

As she touched down in Nice aiport, Irina looked every inch the celebrity she is, towering tall even in her trainers.

This is what we mean by sport luxe ladies. A pair of ice white kicks and a distressed sporty tee teamed with slick sunnies, expensive arm candy and a posh pencil skirt and blazer. This is how you work athletic pieces elegantly.

Naturally though with the monochrome outfit, it's the brightest bit that caught our eye. Yes we are talking about that orange tote by Hermes with its signature padlock, tag and 'H' metallic details.

Sadly you can no longer bag this piece, but if you click right you can see what Hermes has to offer in their current collection.

But Hermes bags are thousands and thousands of pounds, out of reach for most, which is why we've rounded up some zesty affordable options below.