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Introducing the ARTBURO hand painted Valentine’s Collection.

  • artburo
  • Thursday January 14th, 2016

The day when love letters are going to be exchanged, the restaurant fully booked, the roses in high demand and the romance spread in every corner. Love is in the air.

You can choose for simplicity and cook a nice dinner together, or you can make it memorial so it can be marked as a special day in your dairy. I know some guys follow our website, we have a received several emails from men seeking bag advices. They usually ask: ‘Which bag should I buy for my girlfriend?’.

If you are a girl and wants to educate your husband or BF to understand what we want in life (or why we want it), perhaps you should help them ‘like our Facebook Page’. After reading a several post, they might get interested or at least, get some knowledge about designer bags.

ARTBURO has prepared a special gift for those who wants to ‘WOW’ their wife or girlfriend (you have to do this at least once in a lifetime), then there’s nothing better than expressing your love by giving her a Saint Laurent bag which will be always a part of her wardrobe. Let this Valentine’s Day be unusual.