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Kim Kardashian Gets a Custom Painted Hermès HAC Bag from Kanye West

  • artburo
  • 17th January 2015


Kim Kardashian Hermes HAC Painted

The web is a buzz over Kim Kardashian's Christmas gift from her fiance Kanye West. Kim Kardashian proudly showed off her bag on Instagram, which looks to be an older Hermes HAC, that Kanye West had painted by renowned artist George Condo, an American contemporary visual artist. Kanye first worked with artist George Condo in 2010 for a series of paintings for West's album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. The Hermes Bag has been covered on the front with four people, mostly nude and one with a green monster face.

Many find the painting to be crass for the new mom but this painting is the kind of work George Condo is known for. In fact, Condo has created similar pieces of art before. What stands out to me is that many sources have called this bag an Hermes Birkin when it is actually an Hermès HAC, Haut à Courroies. The HAC is taller than the Birkin with shorter straps and was first designed in the 1800's to transport horse riding gear. This exact bag may be one that the Kardashian Klan owned before Kanye commissioned the work, actually it could be this one Kanye was seen carrying before. It looks to be a 50cm HAC, which means it will be very heavy and as you can see in the photos, very large.

Kim doesn't seem to take anything the haters have said to heart, as she was spotted proudly carrying this bag just a couple days after Christmas. This isn't the first Hermès bag we've seen altered, Nicola Formichetti took to his Birkin as did Lady Gaga, once with a marker andanother time with studs.

What do you think of Kim's newest gift from Kanye?

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