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Personalization | Level Up Hand painted straps for bags #StrapArt

  • artburo
  • 23rd January 2016

ARTBURO, a pioneer in experimentation, launches StrapArt, taking creative customization to the next level.

StrapArt is the perfect accessory to give a cool and fashion touch to the bag with an edgy individuality.

Straps can be purchased individually and have been conceived to be worn with any bag.

ARTBURO StrapArt  is the perfect way to give a high fashion touch to any bag with an edgy individuality. They can be bought individually and can be worn with any bag.

Experiment with youthful bold contrasts – a red bag with a turquoise strap? – and because the functional snap hook that can latch on to an bag comes in both gold or silver, they will work with all your favourite bags.