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  • artburo
  • 17th September 2018


It is said that your handbag emits a clear statement of who you are in life.

Yes,  your bag does send crystal clear signals about the self-image you have of yourself, and of the persona that you wish to present to the world. 

Is it any surprise then that that those who wish to look truly distinguished and a cut above the rest, prefer not only to buy the crème de la crème of branded bags (like the Hermes Birkins or Kellys or

Herbags), they also like to go one step further to ensure a resounding statement of their arrival and position.

They get their prized bags personalized from ARTBURO to make that stratospheric statement of their bag being not just in a class of its own but also the only one of its kind in the entire world.  

ARTBURO is indeed the choice destination of those who want their premium luxury designer label bags to be elevated to an even more exclusive level through custom personalization.

Let’s take a look at what all ARTBURO does with aplomb, and also at what it does not undertake.

When the celebrities and the rich and the famous of the world want to personalize their designer luxury handbags and luggage pieces, they knock at the door of ARTBURO.

ARTBURO is a custom luxury company based in Kiev, Ukraine.

Founded and managed by Alisa Kovtunova, also the Chief Designer, ARTBURO customizes luxury goods, especially bags and luggage for their owners worldwide. 

Why there is demand for personalization?

The problem with any branded item is that there are several more like it under production, on the store shelves and those that have been sold to others.

Even when the bag comes from august fashion houses such as Hermes or Louis Vuitton or Christian Dior or Chanel, even when its price tag bears four or more zeros, there are others besides you who have

the wherewithal and the good taste to buy another one just like it. 

Maddening, isn’t it? After all, who wants to be one of the crowd and that too after spending thousands of dollars! So how do you ensure that your prized bag becomes truly unique and absolutely the

only one of its kinds? 

You do it through customization from a personalization specialist such as ARTBURO.

Bring your bag to ARTBURO and our designer team led by Alisa Kovtunova will add custom artwork on it to make it breathtakingly exclusive.

Don’t the designer bag makers themselves offer such services?

Well, some designer bag companies do offer token customization but their repertoire is limited to hot stamping or painting just the name initials, or at the most hand painting a simple motif or two. It is

like a small and discrete touch personalization that may or may not be visible to the onlooker.

It personalizes without adding more vibrancy, more verve to your bag.

ARTBURO, on the other hand, can create completely stunning high-end artworks in a rainbow of colors and with amazing detailing.

What’s more, all our artwork is guaranteed hand-painted with best quality Italian paint by exceptionally skilled painters.

The artwork is waterproof, chip resistant and non-fading.

Actually, it will remain good as new for generations to come. Think of it, an ARTBURO custom personalized bag, apart from being a joy to behold and carry on your arm, is also an ever appreciating

financial investment that will someday be a genuine family heirloom.

While we cannot showcase majority of our personalization work as most our clients want their privacy to be respected and their bag details kept away from the public gaze, there are many other

samples that you can browse through to see just how diverse and incredible our personalization work is. (Please visit: )

We have re-created riveting famous paintings’ replicas to custom designs to folk art to meet individual client requests.

We have even created fun motifs like cartoon strips and witty comments on specific orders. Believe it or not, we once even painted an entire Louis Vuitton luggage set with images of the 

automated teller machines (ATMs). Imagine how eye-catching that must be on airports!

In a nutshell, our design studio and its team of professional designers and highly skilled painters can work magic on your bag by depicting just what you have in mind.

At ARTBURO, your vision is our guideline and your order is our command.

How does ARTBURO work?

 Let’s say you have a designer bag that you would like personalized. 

Log onto the ARTBURO site, click the REQUEST link and you will reach a webpage that’s ready to receive your bag details and your contact information. 

Fill the form, give us all the relevant details, click the send button and within a day or two, an ARTBURO manager will get in touch for a one-to-one chat on your personalization requirement.

Soon the designers’ team will get to work to bring you ideas and options.

Make your choice and we will prepare a model for you.

Approve the model and we will get to work on your bag. 

Depending on the extent and the complexity of the personalization work, it can take anywhere between three weeks to six months.

Once the work is done, we will deliver the bag to your doorstep safe and sound, packaged in gorgeous and signature ARTBURO packaging.

What ARTBURO doesn’t do!

If you are looking for an off-the-shelf bag, or a charming art image, ARTBURO is not your destination. It does not retail bags or designs or artwork images.

ARTBURO is purely a custom luxury company that personalizes the bags you already own to match your artistic taste.

Our job is to personalize your possession as per your preference.  And that we do beautifully!

Bring us your bag, detail your vision and we will work our skilful magic on it. 

We have a firm policy of never repeating any of our designs under any circumstances.

Rest assured, what you get done will forever be your own exclusive personalization wrought by ARTBURO.