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ARTBURO Hermes Bags: True Symbol of Wealth

  • artburo
  • 12th February 2016

   Hermes Bags are a style icon as well as icon for wealth. It is available at very high prices in the market and is made worldwide exclusive.

The bag is overall handmade, which takes long time for making. The scarcity and exclusiveness of the bag makes it lovable by all.

ARTBURO Hermes Bags: True Symbol of Wealth

 It is really hard for someone to get Hermes bags as they are really very expensive and is considered to be symbol of wealth.

Also, these bags are not often used by casual people, but are used by celebrities.

One can find these bags basically on Hermes boutiques which are very scarce and there is always a limited stock of it contributing to its exclusivity.

To get Hermes bags one needs to pay a lot, but once you have started using it, it will make you a big fan of it.

ARTBURO Hermes Bags: True Symbol of Wealth

 Some of the features that makes these bags truly awesome includes that these are made up of variety of hides ostrich, crocodile, calf leather and lizard.

It has different size range from 25 to 40 cm. Also, 50 and 55 cm bags are used for travelling purpose which is also available but rarely.

The hardware parts of the bag like the buckle, lock, etc arte plated by palladium or gold to prevent it from tarnishing.

Also, the biggest benefit one gets for using these bags is once it is overly used then Hermes offers a “spa treatment”.+

ARTBURO Hermes Bags: True Symbol of Wealth

   One can get customize Hermes Kelly bag or personalize Hermes Birkin bag at his wish to make it designed according to your wish by selecting the hides, size and color of the same.

It becomes more costly when you make it personalized as the company makes it exclusively for you.

Before giving an order, you must be familiar with what is the basic difference between Kelly and Birkin bags?

The answer to this question is the Birkin bags are more slouchy than the Kelly ones.

Also, the point that makes you differentiate between both just at a sight is Kelly bags have single handle and Birkin bags have double.

One must know what kind of bag to order and the associated charges he has to pay regarding it.


The bags are made exclusively in France which makes all the orders go there for processing.

This takes a large number of days. Each bag is truly handmade including all the steps used in it.

Doing this requires a large number of days to complete one bag; approximately an average bag is created in 2 days i.e. 48 hours.

Previously, it had a large waiting list because of its scarcity, but by now the list has reduced to a great extent, implying that it is potentially available to all.