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ARTBURO Leather Straps Collection for Hermes Apple Watch

  • artburo
  • Thursday February 11th, 2016

ARTBURO presents nine unique, leather Straps for iwatch Hermes timepieces  featuring modern art inspired motifs. Each and every piece is worked over with exceptional workmanship by master artists at ARTBURO  to deliver the same outstanding quality that has made ARTBURO the toast of the town destination for celebrities and recognized the world over for its custom Hermes bags distinguished by the finest hand painted art.

It is not every day that a global technology giant like Apple and an ultimate fashion house like Hermes come together to offer their discerning clientele a product bearing insignias of both these towering brands.

The iWatch Hermes is a first-of-its-kind product in which the contemporary meets the classic and hi-tech merges into haute couture. After all, this designer luxury watch bears the twin lineage of Apple and Hermes, two of the world’s most prestigious brands. Quite unsurprising then that the iWatch Hermes is creating a buzz among those who love their cutting edge technology to have the luxurious finesse of haute couture as well.

Even so, these two companies will be selling thousands and thousands of these timepieces through their stores. Not very exclusive or unique, you will agree. After all, tens of thousands of buyers are purchasing these watches and that is not really the kind of exclusiveness you want in your wardrobe and accessories! What if you wished to make your iWatch Hermes a truly unique and the only one of its kind?

If it is super exclusiveness you desire, your iWatch Hermes needs personalization at ARTBURO, the world’s premier Personalization company.

ARTBURO is adding more distinction to this object of desire by offering exclusive and limited edition iWatch Hermes with ARTBURO leather straps.  When we say exclusive and limited edition, it is neither an understatement nor an exaggeration, as ARTBURO is actually offering  just 9 custom leather strap designs. As always with ARTBURO, each and every one of these 9 designs will be available. One design - 5 piece, this is the firm ARTBURO policy.

ARTBURO Leather Straps Collection for Hermes Apple Watch
ARTBURO Leather Straps Collection for Hermes Apple Watch
ARTBURO Leather Straps Collection for Hermes Apple Watch
ARTBURO Leather Straps Collection for Hermes Apple Watch


If Apple is famous for pioneer technology and Hermes is synonymous with exquisite craftsmanship, ARTBURO is acknowledged for flawless customization and personalization work. After wowing the world and its celebrities with its high art custom Hermes Kellys, Herbags and Birkins, ARTBURO has now gone a step further and is ready to unveil absolutely breathtaking custom iWatch Hermes #strapart with exquisite artwork on the Single Tour, Double Tour and Cuff leather straps.

 ARTBURO Custom iWatch Hermes

As ARTBURO aficionados know, this Ukraine-based company and known the world over for simply marvellous custom luxury work, never ever repeats its designs. If you have an ARTBURO piece, rest assured, no one else in the world has, or will have, another piece like it. Actually every single ARTBURO custom piece is also a an investment due to high demand from the connoisseurs and collectors in the resale market.

With iWatch Hermes too, ARTBURO has kept its passion for total exclusivity and only nine designs are available to customers. Plus, every single design will be created just once and never again. In other words, if you are fortunate enough to order one of these for yourself, you will have an elegantly customized iWatch Hermes that’s the only one-of-its-kind in the entire world.

How does ARTBURO customize iWatch Hermes

As we have mentioned earlier, iWatch Hermes comes in three elegant strap versions – Single Tour, Double Tour and the Cuff. Artburo’s custom work covers all the three categories for you to pick and choose from. The customization charges vary, of course, depending on the strap type and the work involved.

All the nine unisex designs on offer are inspired by modern art and are truly eye-catching. Three of these are derived from the timelessly elegant and very chic Hermes scarf patterns and the rest have been developed by ARTBURO’s own design studio.

The iWatch Hermes features hand stitched leather straps of remarkable quality. 

How you can order an ARTBURO custom iWatch Hermes

The inquiry and order process is the same as that of the bags at ARTBURO.

You need to log in at the contact page of the ARTBURO website,  discover STRAPART Collection and send a message along with your contact details. Our managers will revert soon for a detailed one-to-one discussion and for taking your order.

As all personalization work of ARTBURO is done by hand by master artists with utmost precision and outstanding skill, it will take up to 5 weeks post order placement for your custom iWatch Hermes to get ready and be hand delivered at your doorstep in signature ARTBURO packaging.

Hermes bags personalized by ARTBURO with custom hand painted artwork are toted and flaunted by celebrities across the world. The very same quality of custom art work is now available on iWatch Hermes.

Till now, you have been carrying ARTBURO Personalization on your sleeve, now you can wear a custom iWatch Hermes from the ARTBURO collection and wear your elegance and style on your wrist.